Is there a magic potion for passion?

For many years I would hear people ask me or the group I was with, you need to find your passion. You need to figure out what you are passionate about. There were times I wanted to ask the person, “what are you passionate about?” I feared to ask because they may not know either. I have seen many find passion by drinking the “cool aid” in efforts to make a name for themselves.

My ask, is there a magic potion you have drank or  ritual you had to do to find your passion?

This is what I think. It think there comes a time in our life when we have an experience. This experience swells within us and brings us so much joy that we relish it and we cannot let it go. I think when that happens you have found your passion.

I want you to think for a few minutes and recall that time in your life when that one singular experience bought you an over abundance of joy. Now, I want you to package that up and figure out how you can sprinkle that on yourself and others around you. I think that is the magic potion.

Now, of course, if you have not found it yet, allow yourself to have experiences that will give you the opportunity to find it. Yes it may be a little scary, but I believe we all need to be passionate about life.

If you have found your passion and it has some dust on it, I would encourage you to brush it off and try to use it.


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