What is the uncontrollable in your business?

Update below.

(Original post 12/20/18) Society, culture, politics, economics and technology are all playing a much larger role in how we create, process and deliver products and services. The pace is faster, the risk is becoming not bigger but broader. There are so many more items to think about when marketing products and services. The number of social media platforms has nearly tripled over the last ten years.

How do you identify the uncontrollable(s) in your market? How do you identify what works and what doe not?

Now more than ever is it important to do your research, identify trends and put together a strategy. Truth be told, you will always have an uncontrollable in your market, but it is up to you to identify how you will alleviate or reduce them.

Thankfully we have the web to help us do the research. It is super inexpensive in today’s market to get the information you need to create a strong marketing plan.

Where do you start? How do you identify the controllable and uncontrollable. It starts with writing them down. It starts with doing your research, identifying what you want to achieve and what can possibly help and deter you from launching your product or service.

Update (4/20/20): Wow! Let’s add the pandemic, possible recession and sky rocketing unemployment to the pool of craziness. Not only is the pace faster, but it totally just flipped over like a capsized ship. The one thing that has not changed is people are still buying. Now more than ever its super important to do your research and know your stuff. 

Let us know if we can help.

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