Marketing Basics – How to adapt

Have you ever had a month where you just knocked it out of the park in sales and the next month becomes the worst sales ever? Ever wondered why this occurs?

When selling products and services it is important to understand that in any marketing environment there are controllable and uncontrollable elements. Some would call this understanding the trends and the climate.

Simply this means that there are times you need to know when to market and advertise more that other times. To give you an example, I sell organic pest control products. It is important that I am being cognizant of the geographic area I am marketing during various parts of the year. I am not going to market my pest control in the dead of winter in Denver, Colorado. However, I know that states like Florida and Arizona typically have bugs ten out of twelve months so I may put more of my efforts in those states instead of Colorado.

Being conscience of selling trends in your product category and adjacent categories are a must.

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