Gotta have it – times five

Want to be an entrepreneur? Think you have what it takes to run your own show? Here are five traits you should think about before you make the jump.

Persistence – Are you able to stick with the program when the excitement starts to dwindle and the work starts to get harder?

Face the facts – Can you respond instead of react to situations? Are you able to stay with reality even when it hurts?

Minimize risk – Can you identify between low and high risk? Can you mitigate risk and know when to fall back on “plan B.”

Hands on learner – Its important to know how to delegate, however it is super important to know how to dig in and make things happen.

F.U.N. – At the end of the day the fundamental understanding of numbers is what will allow you to make it another day. The numbers are not supposed to lie.

I heard a quote that said “passion follows the mastery.” Master the items above and you will have a great chance to succeeding.

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