You, Covid19 and your business

I was speaking to a business owner today. She is super worried because her passive income has declined due to the virus. She asked what she can do so her business can remain in business. I came up with a few ideas and I would like to pass them on to you.

What else can you for your customers that you are not doing today? Think about how your customers are buying from you today and what can you change so they can still buy from you. For restaurants and food establishments it may be GubHub, Uber eats, instacart or you offer free delivery. For others it may be as simple mailing the product to them for free. Think about any value add products or services that you can use and won’t cost any money. You sell a product and maybe you offer a free virtual set-up. With Zoom, Skype and Google Hangouts its easy to do a virtual “in-person” video chat. You can also create a buy now and receive it later. We all have heard about buy now pay later, why can’t you offer the opposite? Maybe your customer does not need it right now but because you give them a “special deal” they will buy now and wait to receive it later. You can get creative and call it “the Covid and wait” special. LOL. That was really bad, but you get my point.

Hope this helps. In conclusion, we are all going to make it. Hang tight, get creative and talk to your customers. Go to your most loyal customers and get their feedback. They do not want to see you go.

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