Maintain Motivation

We are in a peculiar time in history. The norm has been challenged and we are left with spontaneity and creative tactics to make it day to day. Since we have more “time” this often resorts to looking online, reading or listening to “doom and gloom.”

The question I hear most people asking is how do I stay motivated in a time of uncertainty. Here are a few ways I came up with and am currently using.

  1. Listen or read positive and uplifting podcasts, articles and/or videos. I love YouTube and there are 1,000’s of short videos you can watch that are positive and uplifting.
  2. Be more generous. This is a great time to serve someone. I am not saying you need to find someone that is having a hard time and give them money. I am suggesting that when opportunities arise be cognizant of them and provide a helping hand.
  3. Trust yourself. Yes, these are trying times, but here’s the thing, you have made it work before. Surely this is not the first time you have struggled. What did you do last time? You have skills, knowledge and experience. Identify what that is and trust yourself to make a decision.

Need some help to talk through some ideas? The first 37 minutes are on me. Send me a note below and we will schedule time to chat.

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