I have a job and a side hustle

I was on Linkedin today and a gentleman was looking for advice on how to grow a side hustle business while working a full time job. Here is what I said.

There are a few things that come to mind.

1. Its important to dedicate time each week. If you use a calendar, block off specific time to work on your business. The time you dedicate needs to be consistent and ongoing.

2. When a business wants to grow they need to decide where they are at today. Spend time going through your sales. Identify who is your specific customer. Create a customer avatar.

3. Make some realistic goals. Look at your sales trends and identify how much you want to grow. Keep in mind you still have a job, so make your goals tall enough that you can still work your job and still maintain great customer service in your business.

4. Don’t give up. Yes, we are in crazy times. The norm is going to change. Know that moving forward does not require leaps, but small steps.

If you want to chat on how you can have a job and a side hustle at the same time fill out the form below.

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