How do you lead?

Have you ever had a boss or a leader that told you how to do a task only to see them doing it differently? Or, Have you ever come across an individual that tells you how you should act only to see them acting the opposite? I have been very fortunate to be a leader of some sort since I was young. When I think about the first two questions I posed, I am one-hundred percent sure I was that leader that told people what to do only to do something different. In my twenty plus years of consulting I have seen my fair share of leaders that are not leading for the right reason. Maybe they are leading because of the “fame and fortune” that comes with being a leader. I think that was a bit sarcastic. Maybe they have to be a leader because it makes them feel good about themselves. What ever the case may be, when I work with other managers and leaders we often talk about the why. Why did you become a leader? What lead you to decide that you wanted to manage others?
I just finished Pat Lencioni’s most recent book, The Motive. If you are a leader of some kind you need to read the book. In his book, the story turns to a CEO that really does not know why he is a CEO. I think he really lacked the why. I do not want to ruin the story, but in thinking about being a leader and what drives individuals to lead seems to be different for each individual. When I look at what a good leader is the first qualities I turn to are being willing to tell an individual when they are doing something right and not being afraid to redirect someone when they are clearly not moving in the right direction. AND, at the end of the end that leader holds themselves accountable for the decisions that were made within the organization they lead.
I would invite you to think about the leaders in your life. What were they really good at? What did you dislike? Then, think about what type of leader you want to be.

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