We have learned several things about business due to our current environment. I want to point out only two items. One, there is more than one way to conduct business, and two, you need to consistently evolve.

Brainstorming is one way to help you discover new ideas, create new products/services, or to solve problems. I wanted to share with you three ideas on how to effectively conduct a brainstorming session.

  1. Create expectations for your brainstorming session. Make sure you stay within the limitations you set. It is very easy to get side-tracked when brainstorming.
  2. Every idea is a good idea, at first. Be sure to write down all your ideas. This will help you find focus and direction when you start to analyze your ideas.
  3. Don’t feel like you need to complete your brainstorming in one session. It is okay to take breaks and hold additional sessions.

3-Hour Brainstorming Session

$750 Value. I will spend upto 3-hours with you to brainstorm any idea, concept, product, or service. I will work with you, in a virtual environment, to effectively brainstorm your topic, and show you how to take actionable steps to bring your idea to reality.


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