It’s all about me

Before someone buys your product or service, there are three questions they ask themselves. Your product image and how your potential customer envisions your product or service will help them are crucial elements. It helps them to decide whether they can trust you.

When we think about what a product or service can do for me, we are really talking about product image. What does that mean? Your product or service image is all about presentation. Your potential customer needs to be able to see, hear, and understand what it will do for them.

When a potential customer thinks about what a product or service says about them, they are really talking about how does this buying decision enhance their self-esteem, safety, security, and stability.

When a company can accomplish these two aspects, a potential customer is able to wipe away the potential skepticism of your product or service and they begin to establish credibility in what you are offering.

What specifically are you doing to get your potential customers to know, like, and trust you?

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