The direct sale or the relationship?

I must say I love having conversations with people who try a direct sales approach with me on Linkedin. They think if they send out enough emails, texts, or “inmails” they are going to close a bunch of business. In fact, it has been shown that this approach results in a 2-3% close rate. Curious, Is there anyone out there that thinks that is good? I am so curious in hearing your comments.

There is something to be said about old school marketing. Pitch to the people you want to work with and build a relationship. Your potential clients want to be able to establish trust. They want to know, like, and respect you. Give them that opportunity.

Michael Gerber said it best, “Where the business is the product, how the business interacts with the consumer is more important than what it sells.”

In my 30 years of working with businesses all over the world I have learned one thing. You will build a business bigger than you have ever imagined if you take the time to build relationships. True marketing is about building a community. A community that knows, likes, trusts you, and wants to refer business to you.

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