5 rules of consistency in business

During this pandemic, it has become more obvious that most businesses lack consistency. When I think about consistency in business, the first item I think about is the lack of habits and routines that exist in a business. I have read a few articles this week about consistency in business and I came up with […]

I have a job and a side hustle

I was on Linkedin today and a gentleman was looking for advice on how to grow a side hustle business while working a full time job. Here is what I said. There are a few things that come to mind. 1. Its important to dedicate time each week. If you use a calendar, block off […]

Yes, I need a business plan

Over the last 2-3 weeks I have spoken to a few people that think they need a business plan. Some individuals are just starting a business and others want to turn a hobby into a business. I thought it would be good to simply outline what is contained in a business plan. Before I get […]

It’s okay to skin your knees

Take a minute. Think about your path. Remember what you know and what you are able to do. Don’t over analyze, but evaluate. Observe and then reason. Lastly, it’s okay to skin your knees as long as you get back up and keep trying. Have a good weekend!! Need to chat? Fill out the form […]