You, Covid19 and your business

I was speaking to a business owner today. She is super worried because her passive income has declined due to the virus. She asked what she can do so her business can remain in business. I came up with a few ideas and I would like to pass them on to you. What else can […]

Marketing Basics – How to adapt

Have you ever had a month where you just knocked it out of the park in sales and the next month becomes the worst sales ever? Ever wondered why this occurs? When selling products and services it is important to understand that in any marketing environment there are controllable and uncontrollable elements. Some would call […]

Marketing Basics – The 4P’s

I am going to start writing about marketing basics. I see so many entrepreneurs and business owners getting so caught up with the thinking if I just place more ads on Facebook or Google I am going to be rich. Do you see that in your networking circles? If you really think the above statement […]