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3 CRUCIAL QUESTIONS THAT CAN catapult your profits WHAT DOES IT TAKE For opportunity to knock? R.I.P.E.S.S. 7 Keys to a Successful Business
3 CRUCIAL QUESTIONS THAT CAN catapult your profits
This creativity could very well transform your business from a good business into a fantastic business!
WHAT DOES IT TAKE For opportunity to knock?
What knowledge or skills does the opportunity need to have in order for that magic to happen?
R.I.P.E.S.S. 7 Keys to a Successful Business
I am sure you are asking your self what in the world do these seven letters mean and how does it apply to me. I hope you will take the time first to memorize the seven letters and then figure out how you will apply this to your idea or business
Who am I and why work with me?

I’m Eric J Erickson, your business strategy coach.

I am a “process junky” and understand the value of planning, executing and evaluating. I help you monetize your business ideas and maximize the resources you have in your business.

Business Strategy

Your business should enrich your life, not take from it. With the right strategy, systems and tools, you can achieve great outcomes for your business.

Business Growth

When a business adopts best tools and practices, exceptional results materialize. I focus on creating results by giving you clear steps to optimize your business.

Problem Solver

The key to effective problem solving and decision making is by going through the process systematically. I take a systematic approach to problem solving and share important tools to keep future situations from turning into crises.

Process Junky

Society, culture, politics, economics and tech are all play large role in how we create, process and deliver products and services. The only constant is that people are still buying. Now more than ever, let's put processes in place to create a winning business.

A little more about me...
I'm Certified in Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and Situational Leadership Building

I work with small businesses and fortune 500 companies in the areas of business growth, marketing and training and development.

I have been fortunate to build several seven-figure businesses as well as helped many companies increase profitability by as much as 20%. I have been able to help individuals monetize their ideas.

Why work with me?
I'm called the Idea Architect

And very aptly too, because in the past several years, I’ve been able to help people and businesses to realize their ideas, bring them into fruition.

I build that bridge between having an idea to actually being able to monetize on it. If you are that idea person, let’s work together to bring your dreams and visions into a total  business success!

Systems and Processes
Leadership Skills
Marketing and Strategy
Bring Your Dreams To Fruition

There’s just one step between now and realizing your dream. Work with me to monetize your  ideas and make your wealthy imagination come true.

Make Your Business A Raging Success

When we are not operating at our best, its  because there is some form of interference in the way.  I believe that for most of us, coaching can help to reduce that and allow more potential to be realized.  

Be a Problem Solver

Brainstorming is one way I help you to solve problems. I offer 3 hour sessions where you and I  conduct effective brainstorming sessions to tackle obstacles.

Get Coached By ME
Find Unique Solutions for Your Business
Do Right Research

Marketing decisions are becoming complex. How do you stay on top of it all? Research!

On a 3-hour research session we identify all your data, add more, and analyze it to form  a solid plan to move forward.

Set up That 37 Minute Consult.

You’ve held on to that dream for a long time. Just click that button below and let’s get started. 37 Minutes of Consult is Free; comes with no obligation.

Get Unlimited Support

I’m always a call away and never shy of support. Your dreams are my passion and I will stand by you and walk you through your achievement.

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What My Clients say about ME

On services reviewed and the impact on their business

Ryan S

Happy Client

Eric is a passionate and energetic individual who also goes the extra mile for his customers! While working with him, he always worked to meet and exceed the customers’ expectations! He is very personable and a delight to be around. Always forward looking and problem solving, and his level of dedication his producing quality in his work, is unparalleled! A great motivator and leader!

Lynne K

Training Manager, TDN

When I think of Eric, the words “intelligent,” “curious,” “daring,” and “resilient” come immediately to my mind. I hired Eric to serve as a Training Manager within TDN, the Training and Development Network for Nielsen’s US Field organization. At that time, the training function within Nielsen had been underfunded, non-strategic, inconsistent and unstructured; the basics of an effective training organization – knowledge management, curriculum development, assessment integrity, and trainer competency – required reimagination, reengineering and rebuilding. TDN needed leaders who possessed the talent, judgement, and grit to motivate and direct the actions of frontline learning professionals and collaborate together to build an effective, high performing learning organization. In Eric, I found those qualities in abundance. On the people front, Eric is a talented talent multiplier, mentor, and coach; he is a master at being 100% candid and 100% caring. Not only did he quickly build a high performing team from the ground up, his team’s engagement level, rated by the Gallup Engagement Survey method, rated in the highest category across Nielsen globally. In terms of reengineering the TDN system, Eric demonstrated a magnificent knack for creating processes that were scalable, sustainable and could be launched quickly. Eric recognizes when a system is under-developed and easily builds it up; he also recognizes when processes are over-engineered and easily clears out the clutter. TDN was wildly successful in achieving its mission of “developing capability in individuals, teams, and the organization;” much of the success can be traced directly to Eric and his talents.

Diana M


Eric’s knowledge in system building was effortlessly detailed, practical and eye-opening. Only half-way into our phone call I went from deer-lights to a clear sense of direction on what are my steps to make sure I have a successful system put in place, in detail and without feeling overwhelmed. If you are looking to hire, start a team, get a project done or anything with a system, I highly encourage you to get Eric onboard to help you with gaps you aren’t seeing.

Tara J

Happy Client

Eric has been working with me this year and has coached me with diligence and dedication that I’ve never had before from a coach. He has a concise, do-able answer to each of my questions, His keen listening and genuine concern for my success and business vision has led him to provide structured exercises and practices, producing concrete increased revenue while challenging me to step into leadership. His coaching style is succinct and he tells it straight; this has allowed me to push myself and my business infrastructure and day to day activities forward in marketing, client outreach and administration. When we started working together in March, I had one large contract. Now I am looking at least 3 concurrently and more on down the pike. My business income has increased, as has the courage to reorganize my daily activities and allow success to happen. I’m very grateful for his time and willingness and would highly recommend Eric.

Sam M

Happy Customer

Eric has over 20 years driving sales, marketing, and product visibility for small to large sized businesses. Eric is competitive, passionate, persuasive, and can articulate the message needed to seal a deal. Today a sales and management leader must have a firm grip on marketing, operations, product management and training, which Eric does. In Eric’s business he has worked with start-ups to medium sized companies, as well as some Fortune 500 companies. If you need a master to consult your business I highly recommend him because of his unique professional background.

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