Just do something

One of the biggest mistakes I see individuals make is their lack of making decisions. They are so worried about being wrong, messing up, or even concerned about what others will say. One of my favorite quotes is “stop waiting and just do something.” The second phrase I like to share says, “baby steps count […]


We have learned several things about business due to our current environment. I want to point out only two items. One, there is more than one way to conduct business, and two, you need to consistently evolve. Brainstorming is one way to help you discover new ideas, create new products/services, or to solve problems. I […]

It’s continuous

If you want continuous business, you need to continuously improve. It is a process that does not end. There are no “one and done” strategies in business. It takes time, patience, and dedication. It starts with the facts, what you know. Analyze the data. Find the trends. Find your niche or your direction. Create a […]

How do you lead?

Have you ever had a boss or a leader that told you how to do a task only to see them doing it differently? Or, Have you ever come across an individual that tells you how you should act only to see them acting the opposite? I have been very fortunate to be a leader […]